Who Inspires You, Really?
Who makes you who you are? Genetics? Yes. The people you surround yourself with everyday? Definitely! I get up everyday, drink coffee, and tell myself that it's going to be a great day. I am inspired to think this way, and actually believe it, and here is why:

Well, there is Tammy, my co-worker and my friend. EVERYDAY, (yes, literally everyday,) this woman has a smile on her face. She has a family, runs her own business, works her butt off, and she still, always has a smile. She is by far one of the most positive people I have ever met. Problems to her aren't actual problems, they are obstacles, and she gets through them laughing. She helps every person that she knows, giving them a reason to "Pay it Forward" in their life. I feel lucky to know this woman. I am inspired......

Then there are my two oldest kids, Jaden and Ambrie. These two are so close in age, they act like twins! Yes, everyone says their own children are great, but everyone that knows these two say the same thing. Jaden is the oldest, and he has Down Syndrome. He loves life! He has always had the biggest smile and the biggest heart. His adversities in life are many, but like Tammy, he is always smiling. Finding acceptance and appreciation has never been an issue for him because he lights up a room with his quirky personality and his abiding love for all people. Everyone knows Jaden, and everyone loves him for what he brings to their lives: Love that is blind to differences.
And then there is Ambrie, my daughter. She lives slightly in her brother's shadow, probably because she IS her brother's shadow. The best sister any kid could hope for, Ambrie is Jaden's biggest advocate. She is MY teacher and has taught me things about selfless love that I never knew I could learn. I am probably still not as good of a person today, as she is at age 8. She is extremely protective and very sensitive to peoples feelings. She cries while watching the judges on American Idol make fun of the people that can't sing during try-outs. She loves everyone. I am inspired.......

Then there is my dad. I could write a book on this man and maybe one day, I will. By far, THE best person I know and someone that I am blessed to have as a role model, not only for myself, but my children as well. He has nothing, and gives all. Enough said. I am inspired.....

So, who inspires you, really?
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  1. TamsJewelry Says:

    You sweet heart!You inspire me everyday !!Thanks for being my friend,I don't think anyone has ever said such nice things about me.I think your kids are great also because they have a great mom.We are all BLESSED to have you 8)

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