Need To Smile? Check This Out!
I stumbled across this great Etsy shop today and clicked through to view the items, in great part due to the contagious smile of the owner, Enid, in her profile picture. The shop's name is Yassiry , and they specialize in ribbon sculpture hair clippies. If you know a sweet little girly, girl, this shop is perfect for fun and affordable gifts! If not, it is a great pick-me-up to see such creativity and "happy" thoughts that spill out over the shop walls to your own day. My favorites, the monkey and banana clip set, are unique and completely adorable! And perfect for Easter is the sweet and funny bunny! Great job Enid, and good luck with your business! And, keep's contagious!!
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  1. Yassiry Says:

    To say that I'm flattered is an understatement. This is my very first feature and I'm blown away by your compliments. Thank you very much and please, feel free to use the clippie pictures.

    Sweetly Pink Flea Market

  2. TamsJewelry Says:

    Nice post great shop!

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