What's So Great About Being 18?
My step-brother just turned 18 yesterday, and everyone has been saying, "What's so great about turning 18?" When you are a teenager, 18 is the first step to being an adult!! Here are all the GREAT things about being 18:

  1. You can buy lottery tickets!
  2. You can vote
  3. You can have your own bank account
  4. You can get into clubs!
  5. You are close to graduating high school
  6. You can serve/sell alcohol (as a server) and make more than minimum wage!
  7. You can get a tattoo or piercing! http://www.tattoofinder.com/friend.asp?flash=13649
  8. You can buy 5 Hour Energy
  9. You are now considered an adult!

So many fun memories....maybe the last one could hold off for awhile, now thinking back. Happy Birthday Jules! Welcome to adulthood...it's a fun ride!
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